12' OT Lapstrake


We have received this message from a fellow who stopped by the shop.

'The serial number on the boat is hard to read, but there is a "12" (and then there is a large space, which I interpret to mean that it is a 12 foot boat) followed by "06122" The "6" could be a five. It is hard to read, but the other numbers are distinct'

Is this enough info for an identification? Did Old Town number their wooden boats with a different series?

Thanks, Linda & Dan
This really isn't enough information for a proper identification as an Old Town but it may be from some other builder. I have never seen a leading zero on any Old Town serial number so that digit is particularly suspicious. Old Town did put serial numbers in the same sequence on most of their boats and canoes. The serial number and date chart at http://www.wcha.org/catalogs/old-town/oldtown_chart.html should be accurate for both. The first Old Town lapstrake boats were introduced in 1932 so this chart indicates that a serial number over 110,000 would be present. A 12 foot lapstrake boat from Old Town would probably be a skiff model that was introduced in 1941. This means that you would expect a serial number over 130,000. I think that you need to look at the digits in this number a bit more closely. Some pictures and dimensions would also be helpful.

I did some more research in the Old Town serial number records recently and discovered that they did put serial numbers in some boats with a leading zero. The flat bottom boats appear to have been numbered from 01 to 09733 as well as the outboard skiffs and rowing skiffs which were numbered from 01 to 05525. Unfortunately the build record for number 06122 is for a 15 foot long flat bottom boat as shown below so it still doesn't appear to match this boat. Better late than never?



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