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    Value of a handmade wooden canoe

    Hello all, My name is Ethan and I currently work for Friends of the Missouri Breaks Monument, a small non-profit in Montana. One of our supporters donated a beautiful wooden canoe hand built by himself for us to put on our online auction in an effort to bolster our restoration projects...
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    Serial # Search Request

    Hi, My name is Eric and I am trying to help my parents sell a canoe they have had for years. I want some more information on the Canoe before I sell it. I know it is an Old Town Canoe 16' made from wood and canvas. The serial # is 52476 16. Thanks for any help you can provide!
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    Looking for information on Old Town Canoe otca 16' 1978 - serial number 216191-16

    I am looking for information on this Old Town wooden canoe, serial number #216191-16. Purchased in 1978, pristine condition.
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    Chestnut Canoe for family use

    Hello, I am looking into a couple of Chestnut canoes that are for sale about 5 hrs from me. I don't have very much information on them yet, but will be going this weekend to have a look and hopefully purchase them. What I do know is that -they were bought in the 70s, -the owner...
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    Peterborough canoe c. 1908? What's the deal?

    So I am writing a report on a particular canoe that we had to survey as a project. Well everything was going fine until I started having reservations about the date that they have listed for the canoe. They say it was made in 1908. However the decal is the "registered trade mark" version. I'm...
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    Tomorrow's Classics--Do You Own One?

    The theme of the 35th Assembly is Tomorrow's Classics. Do you own a canoe made by a contemporary builder? Did you chose to buy a new canoe rather than an old one restored? Or did you buy a new canoe just because you liked the design of a particular wooden canoe built by a modern-day builder...
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    Thompson Bros CS386

    Looking for the year this was built. It has mahogany thwarts and gunwales . Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.