old town canoe

  1. R

    Old Town Canoe S/N - XTC78140G687

    Looking to buy this Old Town Canoe, and I'd like to figure out what model and year it is. Also, the material type if that can be found. Thanks!!
  2. H

    Serial Number - Old Town Canoe

    Hello Canoe People, My Dad bought this Old Town Canoe in the mid-sixties, and after enjoying many years of river trips and adventures, passed it on to me; SN 176223. I know it started as a wood and canvas model, and that he had it fiberglassed in the seventies, but was wondering about its...
  3. E

    Old Town serial 122637 - 17

    I have a fairly ancient Old Town canoe with a sail, mast, etc... My dad bought it used back in 1964 for $400, which was as much as one might spend on a car back then! Anyhow, could you please provide the year this fine craft was born? The serial number is 122637, and the 17 stamped a few inches...
  4. BillP

    how far to remove hull covering?

    I am re canvassing a 1995 Old Town OTCA. I recieved it partially stripped. Do I need to remove all old fiberglass epoxy and paint from hull? If I am re-canvassing does it matter if there is residual epoxy? I have removed sponsons, and there is no paint or fiberglass underneath. Not really sure...
  5. G


    Recently purchased two Old Town canoes and want to know where to begin. The canoes are structurally sound without Wood rot. The boats have not been in the water for 47yrs. From what I can gather, the boats were purchased in Pittsburgh and have never left the area. I just picked them up today in...
  6. jam010148

    Old Town 16 ft - 138764 16

    Can you please provide information regarding this canoe that I just purchased? serial number 138764 16 thanks joe
  7. jam010148

    1962 Old Town build record

    Can someone please provide the build record for an Old Town canoe that I just purchased for restoration? The canoe number is 172508 15. I want to verify that it is indeed an 1962 and that the trim matches the build records. thanks joe
  8. J

    old town canoe serial #22566 17

    Hello! My boyfriend bought a canoe out of an old barn with the serial #22566 17. He's lookin' to restore it and would love any information you might have. Thanks so much!
  9. T

    Serial Number Request for OT Octa # 131111-16

    I have found an Old Town Octa 16 foot sailing canoe that I am considering purchasing. Its serial number is 131111-16. From the data on my Old Town Canoe catalog collection CD, it appears that it was made about 1941. The canoe may have been originally delivered to the Maryland area. I am most...
  10. T

    Serial # Search Request

    Hi, My name is Eric and I am trying to help my parents sell a canoe they have had for years. I want some more information on the Canoe before I sell it. I know it is an Old Town Canoe 16' made from wood and canvas. The serial # is 52476 16. Thanks for any help you can provide!
  11. J

    Is it an old town?

    I found a very old canvas covered canoe with wooden slat seats, diamond head bolts on the top thwarts and 4 oar locks on it. I found the numbers 7852 (I think) then a space and a #1 then possibly a #6 which would make sense since I think it's 16' long and has a berth of 41". Is it an Old Town...
  12. G

    1910 18' Old Town Canoe...Serial No. 67680

    Please forward any info you may have on this canoe. Thanks so much.
  13. R

    Value of my 1923 Old Town sailing canoe?

    I just joined with the hope of eventually listing my canoe for sale in the classified section. I know nothing about wood canoes and, therefore, I apologize for my ignorance and for possibly posting this to the wrong forum area. I acquired the canoe when I purchased my home. The canoe was...
  14. B

    Serial # Search

    I have a very nice 16' Old Town with serial # 166530. Would appreciate any info available.
  15. S

    Old Town Canoe - 17' (?) - S/N 99564 - looking for info

    I am looking for information on an old Old Town Canoe that I have had for a long time - S/N 99564 - I believe it's 17' and it's in original condition - possibly repainted but never rebuilt or restored. Built with diamond head bolts. Would like to sell it but looking for original info. Also...
  16. J

    1932 Old Town Guide canoe

    My mom died last fall and I inherited her 1932 Old Town Guide Canoe. At least I think it is from 1932 but it may be from 1928 too. It was originally purchased by her father, Chester G. Abbott who lived in Falmouth, Maine. This canoe is in excellent condition and has always been used on...
  17. D

    #93820 Old Town Canoe

    Hello WCHA. I have an antique store in Charlotte and a fellow brought a really nice canoe in. I purchased the canoe having no idea the value. It's in decent shape. The serial number is 93820. Any idea of age and value?
  18. E

    Old Town Rowing #183688

    Hello, I've just inherited a beautiful 16' Old Town rowing canoe with serial 183688. It has a brass plaque from Fernald's Marine in Newbury Mass, and my father says he purchased it up there in the 70's. Would love to see what the build notes are. Thanks, Erik
  19. M

    serial number help please Old Town Canoe

    It is 17 ft, I believe and has a serial number of: (any of the 1's could be I's): XTC22311179C Thanks for any help :)