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  1. R

    Help identifying 15'9" Canoe in Kawarthas

    I am trying to identify a canoe I bought to restore but just don't have the time. I'd like to know what it's worth so I figured a maker would be a good start. I have a few pictures but can take more of specific areas if it helps
  2. HudsonRiver

    Peterborough Canoe wood Ribs with canvas

    Peterborough Canoe Classic wood Ribs with canvas Looking for a date or other info...have not found numbers yet..looking this week. Photos at this link:
  3. C

    Help with ID - Charles River Courting Canoe?

    The Calvert Marine Museum / Patuxent Small Craft Guild recently received this canoe. We're looking for any information that can help us identify and value it. We've done many boat restorations here including several wood and canvas canoes but will likely try to sell this canoe as is to someone...
  4. M

    Another Mystery Canoe

    A friend of mine inherited a wooden canoe she would like me to try to sell for her. There are no marking of any kind on this canoe. Dimensions Length 13' Beam 38" Depth 12" I am hoping to determine an estimate of value based on the photos. There is some damage near the stern deck...
  5. B

    Garage Find Old Town OTCA 22140 16

    I recently purchased a canoe from a person who told me it was made by their father... I took a chance and after looking at it and doing some research it looks like an Old Town OTCA. It seems most likely the father simply bought it and perhaps repainted it decades ago. The canvas, although...
  6. K

    serial number info Old town 80417 - 17

    Hi, I am cleaning out my dad's cottage garage in Detour Michigan as he sadly recently passed away and there is an old town canoe that I need to sell with the serial number above. He thought it was made around 1925. I don't even know what type it is. The boat is in good original shape, original...