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Canoe plans

Discussion in 'Wood and Canvas' started by Bill Mackey, May 30, 2008.

  1. Douglas Ingram

    Douglas Ingram Red River Canoe & Paddle

    Bill, the Dart is a specialty canoe. It has a pretty round bottom, or should I say, a soft chine, that will not respond well to heeling over. To heel over well, the canoe needs a certain fullness there such that the new "rocker" shape that the chine presents gives you the lift of the stems that is desirable.

    Still, it is a really cool canoe, though not what you are looking for. The hull shape is basically like a Sunnyside Cruiser. Actually, a lot like a Sunnyside cruiser, even the stem profile.

    I have drawings for the Fox, though my mention of it is for discussion purposes, not for marketing. Promoting myself is not why I participate on this forum.

    The Fox is like a really good dance partner. It is a small canoe if your perceptions are shaped by big canoes, but it still can easily carry the mass of two adult males. You can paddle it solo with the hull set level to the water, or heel it over, your choice. It handles everything that you can throw at it, even Freestyle.

    If, on this forum, you don't hear from others with experience with this canoe model , you can read what Red Fox owners say about their canoes on my website, also see photos.
  2. Scot T

    Scot T LOVES Wooden Canoes

    At the risk of prolonging your agony (Sorry budd!) but have you looked at the WilloWhisp in Jerry Stelmok's book, Building The Maine Guide Canoe? I've had my eye on it since I bought the book years ago and it seems like a sweet little solo boat to me.

    You could loft it from the book or write to him, maybe he sells the plans...I don't know.

    Looks pretty straight forward to build too. A nice easy sweep in the gunwales so no need to prebend, no "shop cluttering" jigs needed :D ! And it has a nice E.M. White look to it.

    Here's a link to a page from his website with a photo of it at the top, hope he doesn't mind.

    Anyways, just a thought.
  3. john hupfield

    john hupfield fire starter/wood burner

    Well there you are.
    Depending on requirements a wooden box may suit a canoists needs,but (and I say this without paddling one) Douglas description of the Fox made Me want one.
    And as we all know all those mid-size Chestnuts were built for East Coast Fly Fishing.And the Prospector was for hauling the catch home.

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