Zinnser ??

Dave Wermuth

Who hid my paddle?
I think it is spelled Zinsser or maybe Zinser? Anyway i saw it in the hardware store and it is an oil base basement sealer guarenteed to hold 35psi water pressure. Smooth finish, portland cement is in it.

I am using it on my personal PY Hunter over number 10 canvas. Soaks in and I used about a gallon and a half. It cures in 7 to 10 days. $22.00 per gal.

Anyone else ever hear of this stuff? Or tried it?

Interesting concept....Could you post the results after it cures?..My only thought is that if it has cement in it will it become too rigid or will the canvas stay flexible............Thanks!
Yes, that's it.

I saw an earlier post once that talked about portland cement in filler, but haven't looked for it lately. this stuff dries in an hour and cures in a week. It is more difficult to apply than traditional filler (Mr. Clements filler anyway)and it seems to take a bit more to fill the weave. soaks in well. is like pancake batter.

I have hopes of getting this canoe on the water yet this year and the faster cure time and half the cost lured me in. Besides that, when i unrolled the number 10 I saw it had a flaw in the weave. Good thing this is my personal canoe. the cobbler's shoes.

I'll be sanding it next week and painting. So I'll keep you posted on how well it sands out etc. BTW I did not scorch the canvas, just filled it. Staying flexible is much hope for.

regards, Dave