WOW! New Pictures!!!

L@@k wow

The canoe is more interesting than when there was only one really tiny picture. The part that I thought was a hunk of duct tape turns out to be a home-made rudder bracket.

Didn't someone see this in-person? I believe it's in Northern MN.
Looks to my untrained eye as if somebody took a typical mass-production w/c canoe, removed the seats and thwarts, and planked it closed. All the hardware seems to be homemade, and I don't see a mast step in the 8th photo down where should in line with the hole in the deck (which also lacks evidence of having had a mast ring).

Couldn't this just be somebody who wanted to "gussy up" their plain ole' canoe?

I agree that it looks to be a home conversion. The "gudgeons" are perhaps the most clunky example of gudgeons I have ever seen. I do like the metal reinforced bow. I can imagine nothing better for battering through heavy waves!
It is unfortunate he only has the one. At that price, I'd take 2!