wooden toboggans

Jeffrey Dinsdale

Curious about Wooden Canoes
I have read that some of the larger wood/canvas canoe manufacturers like Peterborough and Chestnut also manufactured winter sports items like snowshoes and toboggans. Does anyone have any knowledge of this topic or can you point me to some references? I am particularly interested in learning about companies or individuals who produced the larger wooden toboggans used with dog teams throughout the north. Thanks for any help.
I can't help with the toboggans, but I have 2 pair of Chestnut snowshoes and I see them from time to time on ebay.


I have a CD of the 1941 Chestnut Snowshoe and Toboggan catalogue. The first 15 pages are a very wide range of snowshoe designs they have available. Tried to attach the last few pages which deal with toboggans, but they were too large. Basically, they have a line of "normal" toboggans, a "prospector model" for hauling personal equipment which looks interesting, and mention having "northern dog toboggans" available but no price or illustration. They also have a type of dog sled listed with a good drawing.

If you want more detail, or a copy of the catalogue, please contact me direct.

The end of the paddling season must be approaching, eh? Time to start thinking about dragging stuff over the water instead of pushing through it!