Wooden Cedarstrip Canoes & Global Warming


LOVES Wooden Canoes
A recent study found the average wooden canoe builder walks 23,000 steps or 6.7 miles in building a wooden cedarstrip canoe.

Another study found that the average canoe builder drinks, on average, 7.8 gallons of beer while building a cedarstrip canoe.

That means, on average, the average wooden cedarstrip canoe gets about 116 miles per gallon (MPG)*.

Kind of makes you proud, eh?


* Cited MPG is for comparison purposes only. Your actual mileage may vary depending on the square-footage and physical layout of your shop, and your distance away from the beer capitol of the world, Milwaukee, WI.
If I had to guess about when I built my stripper, it would be measured in gallons per mile. The beer fridge is in the garage/shop, right next to the "moaning chair." I didn't plan it that way, honest! :D