Wooden Canoe Festival silent auction

F Harvey Bowley

Builder 3rd generation
we will have about 20 canoes for sale in a silent auction august 6th see calendar al least 3 old towns a morris a kennebec a skowhegan and others most are barn fresh and will need to be restored i have not seen them but warren who has assisted in gathering builders for this festival found 11 of them in a barn including an old Morris and some un- identifiable ones it would be worth the drive on 95 to see what they are.

Thanks for the reminder!

We'll be blowing through those parts that Sunday on the way home from a trip. How convenient! A wooden canoe festival on the way home :p :cool: :D
Beware! We drove through Lake Winnepesawki (that can't be right) today on our way home from Maine. There was some sort of wood boat festival going on downtown. Sat in traffic for 1 hour and the A/C in the truck wasn't working. Didn't want to stop but from the window saw a few W/C.

Jeez, Fitz, you’ve got it bad. What are you, maybe peaking at 30? Wife and a couple of young kids. Mortgage and car payments. And even I have lost count of the number of wood-canvas canoes in your portfolio. A newly baptized Prospector. An older Old Town guide. Rebuilding your friend’s canoe for free! I know for a fact your firm sent you a memo directing you to take Ebay off your office “favorites” list.

And here you are publicly drooling over another collection of barn boats.

I’m warning you. You’re a candidate for Cedar Sniffer’s Anonymous.
Can't a guy just go look??

30!!!!! I wish!!!!

I was just gonna go window shopping, honest, plus the auction is the day before I can get there. :D

Besides, I got in enough trouble last week.... :eek: :cool:
See what I tell ya!

YOU BOUGHT AN 18’ 6” inch 40s WHITE LAST WEEK! And when did I hear, “besides I’m running out of space,” last time.

Well, maybe you’re going on the principle of one canoe per family member, in which case I think you’re a couple of progeny short and had better start taking care of that end of the business.