Wm English 16/30

Andre Cloutier

Firestarter. Wicked Firestarter.
Made the pilgrimage to the Canoe Museum to investigate their closed gunwale Chestnut Sunday and was overjoyed to find they'd put this out on display, what a great bonus for a 2.5 hour drive.
Widgeon, built turn-o-the-century for Mr McKendrick. What a beauty, had to post these for others to enjoy.:D :D
(sorry for the picture quality, was adhering to the no flash policy)


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Hi Andre,

Widgeon is indeed a fantastic boat. In a recent article in the Museum's newsletter, Dick Perrson tells us why we should think it is actually a Gilbert-built canoe.

Just for kicks, here are a few photos of what you missed on those empty racks in the next space over...


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Ah ha, was curious about what had been removed. Have seen that one in Jennings book, that would have been a treat. Actually found Dick's article about widgeon shortly after posting; now if someone could just attribute mine to a builder I'd be happy....
Dont want to criticize the museum too harshly but would it have killed 'em to put out some rigging and gear?
Oh and thanks for the tip about the Harbour Inn, got that taken care of same day, only two rooms were left...
now if someone could just attribute mine to a builder I'd be happy....

If you got room to get two canoes back home, bring it with you to the class - more sailing canoe experts will be there than you can shake a spar at. Well, OK, only a few of us, but we'd love to see it in person....

Dick can elaborate on the saga of the gear, but some has been found, some is gone. As is typical....

Come this far east some time and I'll take you up to see Paul Butler's Wasp, which still has all its gear.
I'd considered dragging it down, but being march I'm building a box for the trailer to bring the 16/30 back as it is. Knowing my luck I'll be heading back thru a nasty storm where they'll dump salt and sand like its going to spoil if they dont use it, and I dont want it full of guck before I can spray it. HOWEVER if there's another event in the spring or summer I'd love to bring it. Planning a trip to visit relatives near Lewiston Maine this summer, are you remotely on the way?. Regardless, I can bring a portfolio of photos of every detail if that'd help.
Oh and still trying to figure how to avoid duty and tax (32%) bringing it back - build a replica from siding and house paint, declare it and ditch it is all i can come up with... little big for a gift...:eek:
Last I knew canoes were exempt from duty. But maybe that is only for canoes headed south...?

We're 5 minutes off I-90 near Albany, if that is the route your are taking Maine.

I need to check into it, if they're canadian built they're exempt from duty coming back to canada, however when I brought a Peterborough back from Michigan I still had to pay tax on the purchase price. dont think the government is entitled to 32%(18% duty, 14% tax federal and provincial) of 3500.00, 'specially when I did the work and already paid income tax.
Looks like we go right past your door on I90, a trip to see Butlers boat would fit in well.
Thought this what I had, but I think looking closer its much beamier.
same style centerboard but my mizzen is stepped farther back, and no hatches


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In case you didn't already know, the 2008 Annual Assembly is to be located in Peterborough (at Trent University, again), with a major focus on the Canadian Canoe Musuem, as well as other historic and current builders in the vicinity. I know that's still more than a year and half away, but we (members of the Northern Lakes Chapter) are beginning to work on the planning.
2008 Assembly

well now thats news to me. Great, just what I need, a deadline for the completion of some projects.............:mad:

From "The Greatest Little Motor Boat Afloat - The legendary disappearing propeller boat" by Dodington, Fossey, Gockel, Ogilvie & Smith - Boston Mills Press, ISBN0-919822-30-4

There, thats a proper footnote.