Willits Canoe Weight

Jim Kirk

Jim Kirk
I just weighed my Willits canoe on a platform setting on my bathroom scale. The boat is complete, (no bow seat, it appears to be built that way as far as I can tell), dry and unrestored. Weight is 69 pounds to bathroom scale accuracy.
Has anyone weighed their canoe? Did the Willits Brothers publish a weight?

Jim Kirk
Long Beach, California
Thanks Dan,

It is interesting to find out the original advertised weight, and thank-you for making so much canoe history available to us.

Jim Kirk
Hello Dan,

I am new to this form; hope this is the right place to start.
I have a Willits #361; it has been in storage since 1975. It is in very good condition and has not been refinished as for as I can tell. I would like to sell it but do not know what it is worth. Where is the best place to find out?


Captain Dale
Hi Captain Dale,

As an aide to pricing your Willits, take a look at Pat Chapman's website and look under the "Used Canoes" that he advertises. He sells some on commission -- also repairs Willits and researches and writes about them. You will find prices ranging from $2000 to $8000 depending on condition, location, and included extras.

Pat's new book on the Willits is just out.

Check here: http://mcfarlandlake.wcha.org/

Good luck on the sale ... or you just might decide to keep it and enjoy it.

John B in ID
Willits #733 owner