Who made this canoe?


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DSCN0452 (2).JPGCan anyone take a stab at identifying the maker of this canoe? I can find no serial # or makers tag. The dimentions are 15'X36"X12". The ribs are tapered and lightly chamfered. The decks are convex.

Hello Carl,

It could have been made by any of a number of canoe companies, US as well as Canadian builders. The posted pictures are not close enough to make out enough construction details.
However, I suspect it might be a Canadian builder.
Please post a couple of better close-up pictures of the decks, a side-view showing the ends, a close-up of the ribs, seats and thwart. Please measure the size of the ribs and their spacing. When you measured the width of the canoe did you include the outside gunnels in the measurement?

Dick Persson
Headwater Wooden Boat Shop
Phone: 705-657-2601
Hi Dick,

Thanks for your quick reply! The canoe in question belongs to a friend who lives in New Jersey. I'll ask him to take additional closeups and measurements you requested. hopefully he'll have it all together this comming weekend.

Thanks again and I'll be back in touch with additional info.

Additional Info

Dick Persson asked for some additional measurements and some more pictures. This is what I was able to get:

Rib width varies from 2 1/16" to 2 3/16"
Rib spacing from 2 to 2 3/4"
Outside measurement gunnel to gunnel is 36 3/4".

Atttached are pics from the owner.



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