Who got it?


I'm kind of curious to know who got the William English sailing canoe?
Anyone from this group?
It might have been the steal of the century......


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I believe it was the 1906 English sailing canoe for sale in Rhode Island on Craigslist....too bad it's sold....here in Ontario there is a family (related to the English family) who posted a "William English Canoe Company- Canoe- desperately wanted" Ad on Kijiji, http://toronto.kijiji.ca/c-cars-veh...y-Canoe-desperately-wanted-W0QQAdIdZ293364634 : "Hi there! My father is the great- great nephew of William English and the great- grandson of Samuel English (the original founders of the William English Canoe Company out of Peterborough, Ontario) ... his 60th birthday is coming up and the family would love to buy him an English canoe... it would mean a lot to my dad and to have a canoe back in the family... we are very open to any price.... please respond asap as his birthday is very early september!"
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