When were 14ft & 15ft Pleasure canoes introduced by Chestnut?

Murat V

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Noticed that the early Chestnut catalogues (1905, 1908) have only three sizes of Pleasure class canoes listed (16ft, 17ft, 18ft). The next catalog I have (1913) showcases the 14 ft Little/Peach and 15 ft Twozer/Gooseberry.

Wondering if any existing catalogues between the 1908 - 1913 period have survived and whether there is a firm date for when these 14ft and 15ft pleasure canoes were actually introduced?

Benson Gray

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I must be getting old. It has been many years since I last read Ken's book and I had forgotten about that catalog. Thanks,


Dan Miller

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I have a spreadsheet compiled by Jack Wagner many, many moons ago - he has specs listed for Twofer/Gooseberry back to 1910. I have never seen anything to confirm this, but maybe Dick Persson or Jeremy Ward can.