What NOT to buy

Roger Young

display sample collector
eBay item #180557263093. Simply unbelievable!!!

Here's one of those overblown pieces of 'schlock', hyped to the extreme, obscenely over-priced, and far, far, far from authentic. The type of thing that periodically gives eBay a deservedly bad name.


The 'bark' kind of reminds me of cheap 'mac tac' veneer coating that one sticks on old cupboards. Ted B. believes it could be particle board plywood. Whatever, it's a long way from being an authentic native-made canoe of historic importance, as the seller claims.
I found this ad irritating for this reason, too: the "I don't know what it is-- please take advantage of me and score a deal" hype! Let's take advantage of someone's desire to take advantage...

I wrote the seller and told them I didn't think any child could paddle it... and gave them the link to Ferdy's pictures showing how a bark canoe is actually built.

You know a seller is probably out to cheat when they don't pull their item-- or change the wording-- if shown they've advertised it incorrectly. I recall pointing out to a seller that the "rare rustic canoe paddle" they advertised was a butter paddle-- a kitchen implement. They thanked me and pulled the ad right away. Honest people do that.

In my view, this is a "tourist trinket", you know, like they often have on the road show and describe the object as made for sale to tourists.

It's probably worth about $100.


one would have to be a very skilled paddler to keep that upright with that extreme vee bottom :)
Whoever this poor "noted antique wooden boat expert" Robert LaVertue is, I feel sorry for him. I don't think he intended to be taken seriously with that quote cautioning them not to sell 'this extremely valuable piece'.
Bob LaVertue knows a thing or two about canoes (certainly enough to know that this thing is an oversized souvenir from somebody's Wampum Shop). We don't know, however, what he actually told them about it. Child's canoe? Not unless your intention is to drown your child. The hull has zero initial stability and Junior better have a really good PFD because he's going to need it immediately.

What is most curious to me is that some of the work is pretty authentic and pretty nicely done. Other parts are totally bogus. In any case, I doubt it was ever intended to be anything but hung up somewhere as a curiosity for the enjoyment of people who don't know much about canoes. Never underestimate what antique dealers don't know about their inventory. If you can fling the bull high enough, some sucker just might believe it can fly and buy it!
No way Lavertue is being quoted unless its out of context, or perhaps they missed the sarcasm. If they filled it with ice and $2500 worth of booze it would still be too much.....