western red cedar


Curious about Wooden Canoes
It is advised to use strips at 3/4". Am I asking for serious trouble if my strips are 1"? Would that pose any issues?

Thank you!

For much of the hull it doesn't matter at all. Certain areas which have tighter curves (like the turn of the bilge) may present problems. If you run into trouble you can always narrow some strips for those areas using a table saw or router table.
Thanks Todd. The reason I ask is because I found some 1" by 8" by 16' red cedar planks for $23 each. I figure I could cut most of my strips with two planks-a bargain, although they are 1".

I once tried 1.5" strips. For the flatter sections and straight runs, it worked fine, but anything with a twist or bends it multiple planes, was a challenge. Anyplace where the strip has to bend along its larger axis was a chore.

I'd say that the 1" would be the max.
I use 5/4 material in the shop as standard for my canoes, kayaks and guideboats. I like the look of the wider plank better. It is worth the extra few minutes to get them to fit properly. 1/4 x 5/4 is my prefered size, full length of the canoe.
Al Bratton