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Denis M. Kallery

Passed Away July 3, 2012
In Memoriam
Just want to give whoever and all those that must have been pulling their hair out when the site went down a great big ATTA BOY [or girl] for getting it back up. THANK-YOU! It was missed! Denis:D
Thank you.

Just so you guys know what's going on.

The server OS was hacked (not completely fixed yet) and I've been working with the ISP to clear everything up.

We may end up moving to another server, and if we do we'll actually recreate all the accounts over there rather than move the hard drives over.

This process will leave behind any of the potential uglies that were inserted into the system through an obscure hole in the OS...

Anyway, we should be up and available for the forseeable future. If we decide to move to a new server, it will be with as little downtime as we can manage and I'll announce it here first if I have warning...

We all thank you very much for all your efforts. They are very much appreciated more than we can say
Mark Z.
Tim, Benson and Dan,
I wish I could offer more than mere words of thanks for your efforts! Keeping this site up and safe is a tremendous service to all of us.

Those who do that sort of damage for whatever reason--- power?--- must lead very sad, canoeless lives.

I add my thanks to that of the others... this place was sorely missed, and waiting for it to appear again was a lesson in patience!