WCHA store problems??? or is it me?????


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About a week ago I signed up at the WCHA store and was accepted. Items were ordered with using Visa. All seemed to go well but I never received an return email acknowledgment as the site promised. I then emailed the store but never recieved a response back. Later, when I tried to sign in at the store it wouldn't accept my pass word. I re-applied using the same process and pass word. I was again accepted and this time I did receive an acknowledgement from the WCHA store. A second email asking for an explanation was sent with no return response to date. Since my Visa # may be out there somewhere I have concerns and would appreciate a response and explanation. Has my order been processed or should I re-order? Do I dare? Thank you
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Hi Dave,

I took a quick look and it appears you are in the system... I can't explain why you had troubles, but have forwarded your message to Richard and Annie. Don't forget we are an all-volunteer organization and despite our best efforts, sometimes things don't move as quickly or smoothly as we would like. You should hear from one of them soon.


You created two different accounts in the online store, using two different email addreses. I suspect at least one of these is incorrect and is why you did not get email at that address...

Thanks, I don't know how that happened. Since my mailing address is the same are the items I ordered on their way?
Since the WCHA Store doesn't ship stuff to your email address, you should be fine :)

Remember that the process is is all run by volunteers though - your payment is processed by a volunteer in one state, and then the order filled by a volunteer in another state. The processing time for your order is NOT going to be the same as if you ordered from a large commercial enterprise like Amazon.com...