WCHA classifieds problem?


Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
I posted an "canoe 4 sale " ad on the old WCHA classified site. It was transfered by Roger Kugler to the new classified site. This new site will not allow me to edit my old ad. A later ad that I posted myself to this new site works fine. Any suggestions?
I would post a new listing with the edited old content.
If you cannot delete Rogers entry, send him a note asking him to remove it.
What about all the other ads that Roger switched? Will they run into the same problem or is there some other remedy?
Hi All,
The classified ads on the forum are "moderated" which means only the webmasters can make changes. We did this to fight off the spammers. Anything you need, price changes, boat sold, etc, just send me an email. My hope was that this would be easier than using the old system.