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LOVES Wooden Canoes
Saw a copy of Wooden Boat on the news stand today.There is an article on The Art of the Birch Bark Canoe.Never had a chance to pick it up Anybody read it yet??
A picture AND a thousand words- wonderful!

Yes, Jerry Stelmok writes about Steve Cayard and his exquisite birchbark canoes. While the story includes details of birchbark construction, it is really about the builder as a person- what it means to find yourself, after wandering over the length and breadth of North America, "off the grid" in Maine indulging in such a wonderful passion. For some of us, this article will remind of our roots, meandering through woods and waters, dreaming about what is was like ages ago- or what it could still be like- to live as a functional part of the wild. Wonderful photographs including the cover, most by Benjamin Medlowitz, accompany Jerry's easy prose to make this story a feast for the eyes as well as food for the soul.

The article by Jerry is wofnderful, and the photos equally so. The bark harvesting shots are really impressive.

But there is an added bonus to this issue. Another of our own, Bill Clements, is featured as the builder of the 14' custom dayboat in the article "NIce Things Come in Small Packages". Bill doesn't look like he is working too hard lounging around in the boat while others do the hard work of sailing! I guess he has earned it. Pretty boat even if is's not a canoe.