Wanted:Person wanted to help develop wood canvas canoe building and repair

john connell

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Wanted: Person interested in developing wood canvas canoe building and repair business. Complete shop now set up in 50'x100' early 19th. century barn. Facility located on small farm, rural Vermont, 25 miles from Burlington, foot of Mt. Mansfield. One bedroom apartment in barn for rent.

I have taught school, farmed, etc etc for 30 years and am interested in moving toward the establishment of such a canoe business. Have contacts with Keewaydin Camps, Salisbury, Vt. and Northway Lodge, Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada where wooden canoes are in demand.
Cannot promise any $$$ at this time. The right person would need to have outside work as the business is developed. At best, perhaps, this business might be part time. Potential, also in running classes, kayak building etc. I am a teacher with the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum where there is a market for canoe/kayak building. I would eventually like to specialize in sailing canoes.
Please call 802 899 5141 (shop) or 802 899 2375 (house) or write John Connell Box 148, Greenmont Farms, Underhill Center, Vermont 05490
Hi John,

This sort of message really belongs in our Classified Ads, at http://classifieds.wcha.org, as we really don't allow them on the Forums. The ads are free for members and a measly $10 for non-members.

BTW, what type of sailing canoes are you interested in? I am very interested in the old decked sailing canoes, and am gearing up to restore a Rushton Mohican...
John was featured on Vermont Public Radio - July 22, 2008.


Be sure to view the slide show and pay special attention to slide 26 -
That 'ancient writing' sure looks like Horace's handwriting!
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