Waltham deck photo?

Dan Miller

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Would anyone happen to have a photo of a marked Waltham short-deck that I might use in my presentation at assembly next week?


Here's a lead? I think there was a builder/restorer that used to post a while back from up in the Northeast Kingdom of VT. I think his forum handle was "Kanoo" or something to that effect. At one point, he posted some great pictures of a labeled Waltham with birds eye maple decks.

I think it was before the great crash though.
I don't know what a marked Waltham short deck is, but I have a 17 ft Waltham with 15 inch decks and one deck has a small plate on it with the name Waltham on it. Is that what you are looking for?
OK, Well tomorrow I will take some pictures and send them off to you. (the canoe is a work in progress, but the decks are fine)
Forget the cigar, maybe a tour of your shop someday..
How is this?


Hi Robin,

That will certainly work... any chance of getting a shot from straight above the deck?

Thanks much!