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Travelled to Nelson BC the other day to look at and maybe buy a canoe.
Nobody home when I phoned the contact number so headed to a pub for a brew to cut the road dust.Near spit out my beer when I looked up and saw hanging from the ceiling a beautiful old boat.The owners had Ethel hanging there on edge being used as a trophy case.This is a 20 foot boat built with 5 boards and tricked out for rowing.I thought for sure it was a Lakefield or definately Peterborough built.Turns out it was locally built around 1910.Wondering if the Waltham name rings a bell from the Ontario area.
At one time Nelson BC was a huge place real busy with mines and mining activity drawing people from everywhere even it turns out boat builders.
No camera or I would post a photo
Charles River?

That wouldn't be "Waltham Boat & Canoe Company, Manufacturer of Light Canvas Boats and Canoes" on Woerd Avenue and the Charles River here in Massachusetts??

I guess there are some cities and towns in Canada that use the name Waltham too.
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Hello Dan,

Could it be; Chas. W. Walton, Nelson, BC? I know this builder were in business in the early 1930's on the Waterfront in Nelson.

Dick Persson
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Your Right Dick.I phoned down and they corrected me.Can you tell me anything about this boat builder.Very nicely built sure rings of eastern lines from the Pete area.
Hello Dan,

I wish I could; Chas. W. Walton has been on my to-do research list for some time now. The only thing I know is his name, location, that he built boats and canoes, and must have been quite well established.

I would appreciate help with more information from anyone out there.

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Hello Dick,
I will ask at the local museum today.Revelstoke and Nelson were quite connected in the mining days.I also have a friend whose father was involved in restoring a paddlewheeler at Kaslo BC (just up the lake from Nelson) maybe some information there.
Been looking for a surviving example of local canoe building,seems all thats left exists in photos.
The boat thats hanging was supposedly built around 1910.I was real surprized to see that it was locally done.Like I stated earlier sure looked of easten origin.Guess it wouldnt take much for an experienced boat builder to copy any proven design,or maybe Walton had experience from working out east.