Walter Walker's 101st Birthday


Those of us at this years Assembly were honored to meet Walter Walker, Master Canoe Builder. Walter turns 101 years young on November 4th. Let's all wish him another 100 years!

To pass on wishes, please respond here. I'll forward the link to his daughter after we get a few responses.
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Walter! Denis Kallery and I were among the many who heard you speak "in person" at the Assembly this past July. When recounting the summer's adventures, Denis never leaves out the part about meeting you in the parking lot and shaking your hand.

Your life's work has given much to the world-- and your legacy will continue, on-and-on, as with that of the other great canoe craftsmen. May the peace and joy you've brought to the world come back to you, a hundred-and-one times greater!

Happy birthday, Walter. I hope to have the chance to see you again. You are a true inspiration.
Glen Smith.
What an honor it was to meet and hear you speak at the WCHA Assembly this year! You have added much to the aggregation of the good, the beautiful, and the positive in this world. Thank you. Best wishes for a wonderful birthday celebration and many more.

Max Peterson


Please, Please have a BIG slice of Cake!


Canoe Nuts Everywhere.

Happy Birthday! I have a paddle of yours that you carved for me a few years ago. I think you were a young 96 or so. I got it through Jack Wagner. I can only hope that I am as spry as you when I am 2/3 your age! Enclosed is a picture of your paddle out on Lake Tahoe.


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