Visiting Lew's Shop: A Short Video

Kathryn Klos

squirrel whisperer
Following an all-day meeting, the WCHA board of directors, officers, and spouses (of some) were invited to the home of Rita and Lew Markle for refreshments and a canoe shop tour. I captured a bit of this on video:

The background music is part of a collection I've made for the time (maybe not far in the future) when we will display our 1917 Morris Molitor. This is one of the pieces that was popular when the canoe was new. I hope to find an inexpensive, non-working Victrola and stuff a CD player inside. The music is The Original Dixieland Jazz Band of 1917.

I hope members are aware that the WCHA is guided by some pretty amazing, hard-working folks--- who, incidentally, did not crack open the beer until AFTER the board meeting...

Great video Kathy. Here are some pics to go with it.



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I'm always impressed when people's shops are this clean and organized. Something to aspire to, certainly... Mine currently bears no resemblance to this well lit, and orderly space. Super fun to see where other people do their work. Thanks for the vid.