Virtual Assembly 2021 - in-person Assembly postponed again

Michael Grace

Lifetime Member
We received news yesterday that because of the ongoing pandemic, Paul Smiths College (the site of the planned 2021 WCHA Assembly) will not be hosting any large events during the summer of 2021. This is not unexpected but it is an unfortunate development as it means that our planned in-person Assembly will not occur this year. However, we are moving forward with the development of an exciting and informative virtual WCHA Assembly which will be available to anyone and everyone regardless of location or ability to travel to the Adirondacks in New York. This format will also allow programming that would otherwise be unavailable at our regular Assembly.

Look forward to seeing details of the virtual Assembly here and on our other forums as plans are finalized.

Please bear with us as we, like many other people and organizations, must modify our plans by necessity and in order to protect our members and the WCHA as a whole. Also, please note that the WCHA will suffer no financial hardship because of this change - financial outlays made to support Assembly 2021 will be applied without penalty to Assembly 2022.

Stay strong, stay healthy, and happy canoeing.