Video treat! Birth of a canoe

Michael Grace

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Well, if you'd like a no-cost, no-calorie holiday treat, check out the time-lapse video made just this December... craftsmanship, education and humor all wrapped up in a little more than 8 minutes of silent movie! Forget those newfangled talkies- this is a real delight! Scurrying around like eusocial insects or amoebas in Brownian motion on a National Geographic film, these woolen creatures create a cedar-canvas canoe from nothing in six days. Even at 3AM, I had to watch it a second time... thanks Rollin and friends!

Guard Dog

Good thing them fellas have that ferocious guard dog on watch. Wouldn't want any shop secrets leaving the facilities.

Is ShopCam similar to TrailCam?

I'd love to have a copy of this video to have continuously-running at the shows we go to, representing the WCHA, where all the other boats are plastic and folks don't understand how a w/c canoe is made--- or that they are still made to this day.
This is a treat. And here I was thinking I was pretty cool the other day when I took my canoe build pics and made a (sort of) video in a program.

But, wasn't I taught to begin the ribs with the center rib?

I'm glad that so many people are enjoying the little video. Mike McCormik of Sebectec had set up the web cam in the shop as an experiemnt. We didn't really know if it would be something that would be useful or just be in the way.
We just happen to be having a six day building class with Keith and Josh McCormick of Clevland. Mike started making one day videos of each days progress just to show us what the shop cam could do. It was toward the end of the class where we realized that the videos could be something that we could really use.
Since this was really the first days that the camera was in the shop we did experience several difficulties such as the progrram freezing for certain time periods and even quiting for a while. As a result there are several periods in the video where several hours were missed or where one picture froze on screen for long periods. Of course with a bit of production time in a video editing program things could be better but again the whole idea of doing this was just to see if the shop cam was goin to be useful to us with no thoughts as to making a video for the public!
We could of done a better job if we knew what we were doing but it seems to be entertaining enough as is which is a good way to leave it. I do have a higher quality cd of the video which shows detail much better than the You Tube verison.
We have decided to keep the shop cam. Anyone can check out whats happening in the shop in real time at . There is also a blog where people can comment or question on whats going on or where they can request certian things be shown.
the blog can be accessed thru Northwoods Canoe Cam Blog We are still working on a details such as getting a more friendly address and getting a album posted of the last weeks worth of pictures. Not much is going to be happening over Xmas but the New Year should bring an improved site!
This is a wonderful video. I'm looking forward to sharing with my friends.

Coupla questions:

Can anybody de-cipher the hand written signs that are placed on the canoe from time to time throughout the video? My screen resolution isn't adequate to read them.

Can anyone identify the music/musicians that accompany the video?


The opening music is "On a Carousel" by the Hollies and the last song is "Deal" by the Grateful Dead. the stuff in the middle was put together by Mike McCormick of Sebectec who put together the video.
I do have a higher quality dvd version of the video where you can read the signs. Most of them say something like "Coffee Break", "Lunch"; "Apple Pie Break" and the one where the gray filler has just been applied to the canoe reads "Your watching paint dry!".
I understand we'll be showing the video at the WCHA Assembly so you'll be able to see the higher quality video there!
I'm glad you have enjoyed it!
Thanks, Rollin,

I recognized the tune of "On a Carousel" but I've never heard the instrumental version.

Bill Michelfelder