Video of Birch Bark Construction

Andy Hutyera

The Red Canoe Guy - Life Member
From time to time I get interesting information from the Film Board of Canada. I was just looking at their site and discovered that they have an hour long DVD of an Attakamek indian building a birch bark canoe from start to finish. It has no sound but apparently filmed the whole process. There are subtitles. I couldn't resist and so ordered it. If anyone is interested the link is: After it arrives I'll try to post a short review.
Hey Andy,
I met you at Silva Bay, no?
Is that video "Cesar's Canoe"? If so, it is a good watch. On the same note is anther nfb film called "building the dogrib canoe". Much shorter and a slightly different style of construction. One of the few kayak form canoes. They use an internal keelson that has the stems formed into the ends.
The nfb has an amazing amout of stuff. They just released a film documenting my last kayak building trip up to the arctic. It's called "Caribou Kayak", film maker : Michael MItchell.
Cesars Canoe is a very interesting video.There is much going on in the background as well as canoe building.The scene of the children swordfighting, wonder what film have they seen in town,The teens heading off in the canoe instead of learning how to build,and then the scene where Cesars name is being scraped on the side panels of the canoe, getting someone else to do it as I think he maybe can not write.
Paddle making too