Varnish and seam seal on a Willits Canoe


Funny you should ask this.

The short answer is I don't try to "buck the system", and just register it and apply the stricker just like any other boat.

However, a few years ago I tried to get the laws changed so that those with old canoes in MN would not have to register our boats, but time and events passed with getting it done.

I submitted new language to my State rep but we and the DNR couldn't agree on the language and the rep lost reelection. So it sits.

Currently there is a provision that classic and/or antique craft still have to register but can put the sticker and numbers on a removable plack that would hang from the gunwales when the craft is being used.

To quallify the craft has to be made prior to a certain date, don't remmeber when, in the late 1950's I think.

But even more problemmatic is that these craft are only to be used during "official" outings, ie, parades, shows, displays, etc, and are also limited to x days of use per year. (10 or 15 I think)

I will confess, I have yet to paddle my Willits, it's sitting patiently on a rack in the garage, and it would even be tough to get it out, too much stuff in the garage. :(

As for the amount of varnish, I figure about 1/3 qt(varnish or paint) per layer (inside or out), and try to put 3-4 coats on the inside and 4-6 coats on the outside. So that's about 1 1/3 qts for the inside and about 1 1/2 to 2 qts for the outside.

I brush the inside (of a rib canoe) and "roll and tip" the outside.