Unidentified Prospector


Curious about Wooden Canoes
Recently bought a Prospector but can't seem to track down the builder. Serial number is THC 46 0391. Canoe was purchased by the previous owner about 20 years ago around Peterborough/Toronto. It is green, with the word prospector written on the side, just under the gunnels, in stylized writing. The person who previously owned mentioned that the First Nations might have been involved in the build or the company. It is fairly well made, flat shoe keel, decks are simply rounded in shape at the hand grip. Brass stem bands. Caned seats. Any ideas? Thanks. Lorry
Unidentified Propspector

Having some trouble putting up photos. Maybe this time. Lorry


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Just a guess, but it may be a Trailhead Prospector. Trailhead are based in Ottawa and have manufactured/sold prospector-type canoes for many years, including cedar canvas. THC serial would be consistent. They have a web site, you could contact them for confirmation.

That was a great lead. Phoned Trailhead Canoes in Ottawa today and they seemed to think it was their canoe. I'm waiting for a call back from them with more details and I will post again when this happens. Pretty amazing to think someone would build a canoe like this with no decal or plaque and send it off without announcing who created it! Anyway, thanks again. Lorry
Definitely a trailhead boat. Built in 1991 (the last 2 digits are the year, th=trailhead, c=canvas. They offered a verolite model too) by Canots Sylvain on a form built from the lines they took from Bill Mason's prospector. Came out close...nice shape actually.
These canoes tended to be built light (ie look for busted ribs) and I'm pretty sure had a urethane finish of some sort on the interior but are nice to paddle if you like a big deep round boat.
Idenfied Prospector

Walt, thanks for the info. I'm still waiting for Trailhead to reply so I might have to rattle their chains again. Your definitely right about the light build-1 and a half inch ribs with no taper (I've got a couple busted ones, cracks etc.). I was wondering where they got their form so the Mason connection makes sense as they don't seem to be mentioned in any of the stories about the dispersal of the Chestnut forms. So, the actual builder is Canot Sylvain, selling them to Trailhead? Any idea what the 03 stands for? Thanks again. Lorry