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Hello -

I am looking to acquire a classic leather tump line. Anyone know of a source for either stock purchase or custom manufacturer?

thanks -craig
I know multiple sources;
Craig MacDonald, Dwight, Ontario ($89?)
Tundra Leather, Hamilton, Ontario ($52/each last time I bought some)
Where are you located?
Right there in Jackman...


Try Moose River Handcrafts there in Jackman...they make knives & sheaths along with baskets & harnesses I would think they could custom make a tump line for you.

They can be found in the Builders/Suppliers section from the index.

Ric Altfather
Keith P said:
What is a Tump line??????


A pack front loop that is placed on the forehead to allow neck power to help w/ the load...the settlers copied it fromthe native americans.
You could also try John at Temagami Canoe Co.

He carries the same ones used in the local canoe camps. Well made and very strong! I can try to post pictures if you'd like to compare.

John Kilbridge
Temagami Canoe Co.
Temagami, Ontario
(705) 569-3777

Here are a few pictures...I've never posted any so I hope this works...I tried to make them small enough in file size to load quickly but still big enough to see clearly...if it doesn't work well, I can always email them to you.

The one on the right (lighter colour) hasn't had any dubbin applied to it yet (which is what I use to waterproof it).

The headstrap is 3 1/4" at its widest and 23" long.

The 'tails' are about 10' 6" or 126" long and 1" wide.

I highly recommend them. If you do get one, make sure you specify (or you might be asked) that you want either the wanigan tump or the canoe tump. The canoe tump has shorter 'tails' and fits perfectly around your center thwart / carrying bar. The wanigan tump is the standard one for carrying wanigans, packs, etc... and I'm assuming that's the one you're looking for.

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I have a dozen or so for sale of the same tumps shown -made by Ray Banghart for Temagami area camps. They are 25 ft, un-treated, as most folks have a preference for what they condition the leather with. I used to use Neat's Foot Oil, but now prefer mink oil.