Tribute to Joe Seliga

Can somebody download it and e-mail it to me? Please.

I'm restricted from seeing it.

Anybody know who made it, how long is it etc??

Hi Dan,

I downloaded it and am experimenting with sending it via email to you, as a zipped file. It's taking a while to attach, so I question whether this will work.

The video is wonderful. If I can't send it attached to email, I'll put it on a disk and mail it.

The song is by Pat Surface and is about 4 minutes long.

Thanks Kathy,

I wonder what this is? I've heard of a video of his memorial but I don't remember Pat S performing at it, maybe. I seem to remember Eli Bissent(sp), singing, both are local musicians.

Tried to Google the lyrics of the song, and they apparently aren't on line. The song "See Ya Round the Bend" by Pat Surface with the Boundary Water Boys is available from Amazon as an MP3 download.
Dan and Kathy,

I'm trying to get an emailable copy also, not having much sucess at it as yet let me know if you suceed. First time utube has brought a tear to my eye.
Keep your feet dry
Just an update,

Kathy has been sending me files, but so far I haven't been able to view any using the software on the machine, Windows Media Player. She's still working on it. Thanks Kathy;

But I did see it on a goodle search, and another local tv station report also came up,

This is a color TV spot done by a MPLS station a couple years before Joe passed on.

I downloaded the video from YouTube using "You Tube Downloader" and it plays on my computer in "Media Player Classic-- Homecinema v1.2.972.0" in case that helps. This is an MP4 file.

I'm having trouble putting the video on a disk, as the software in my computer that makes DVDs isn't seeing MP4 files.... it sees the videos I have made and uploaded to YouTube (which are WMV files), but not the ones I've downloaded from YouTube.

If someone else here has suggestions re what I can try either to send the video on email or copy it to a disk, please speak up!

Slightly off-topic (apologizes to the assembled masses) does anyone have/has anyone seen the Seliga dvd as offered by Piragis - what's listed as a 52 minute documentary that looks like it dates from the early 2000's? Just wondering if it's worth the $40...
Try This Kathy

You'll need to convert the .mp4 file into another more common video file format (like .avi or .mpg) before Windows Media Player will recognize it. Here's a link to a free video converter program you'll need to download install for this to work. It's a safe file from a site that checks for viruses/spyware etc. and this is the program I use routinely.

It also includes an embedded downloader for YouTube videos so it may be handy for you. I clicked on the YouTube link on the menu bar, added the web address, set the output (right side) to "custom .AVI" and then hit the "convert button". Once it is done, you can find the new video by clicking the "File" icon and "Open Output folder".

When you convert, the new avi or mpg version will be larger so it may need to be burned onto a disk rather than emailed.

Hope this works for you
Murat-- thanks so much for this information-- I got all the way through the conversion but in trying to burn a disk, I keep getting the message "insert a writable disk". It doesn't like DVD+R or CD-R, which is all that I have on-hand... what worked for you?

Meanwhile, I zipped it up and will see if it works to send in email.

This video is so sweet, it's worth all the effort. I haven't seen the $40 video, but can't believe it could have any more heart than this one on YouTube!
Sounds like the conversion worked, right? Could your software "see" the new version of the file (i.e. did it play in media player?). If it says "insert writable disk", then it sounds like something with your disk drive or maybe a damaged / full disk. I burn onto CD-R disks too so am stuck on this one. If it helps, I used a program called Sonic RecordNow.

You're right about the video being sweet tribute, many thanks to the original poster.

Actually, this afternoon I'm off to the Toronto Reference Library (Canada's largest) to check out some old archival texts. While I'm there, I'll be checking out Jerry's book on Joe's work too.

Thanks for all your efforts in getting me (and others) this video.

I haven't seen or even knew that Piragis was selling a video of Joe,
but this "sounds like" one made by John Lindbeck back when he was at Western Mich university. I think I've got a copy of that one. But it's been a while and all that stuff is back in MN so I can't check.

As for getting it, IMO, anything about Joe is worth getting. :)

Murat and Kathy and Dan

I've had the same problems as Kathy, even after using the video converter. I get the "no disk" answer when trying to burn the video. So I assume the problem does not lie with the disk, maybe the age of the PC's themselve and the way that the software interacts with operating system? i'm stumped. Dan may have to go to the library or a friends computer ultimatley. I do wonder why utube denies his machine access? good luck I am out of ideas