Tremblay Canoe Plans/Offsets?

Scot T

LOVES Wooden Canoes
Hello, I am looking for information on the Tremblay Canoes Limited. I Have searched the web and seen the bit here in the WCHA files. Not much available so far.

I have only seen one in this part of the world (Western Canada), not that they are not here, it's just all I've seen. I believe it was the 16' Huron model covered with red Verolite, if I remember correctly. It was not a particularly beautiful canoe but well built, sturdy and seemingly well suited for it's intended purpose as an outfitters canoe.

My interest in this maker is partly family history (as he was a not too distant relative) and I'm fascinated with things related to canoe history. In particular, Canadian canoe history.

If anyone could direct me to some information, has some photos or a set of drawings and/or offsets of a Tremblay canoe, that I could beg, borrow, steal or buy I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.
Sorry guys, I just realized that this question should have gone one forum lower in the list, to the Research and History section. I apologize for not reading further down the page!