Tom Mackenzie's kids canoe building workshops at Assembly

Anita Lamour

New Member
Hi folks,
I am writing an article about "re-canvassing" a "skin-on-frame" canoe we built at Tom's Loonworks workshop in 2006. I want to add some background to my article about how Tom used to offer workshops at Assembly for kids to made a canoe. The "skin-on-frame" canoes were built in about four days and were "canvassed" with boat shrink wrap. Kids could paddle their see-through canoes before they left Assembly.
Does anyone remember this? Did anyone build a canoe with Tom at Assembly? What years did this take place? Thanks! Anita
I remember paddling one that Tim Hewitt made with his son at an Assembly in the late 1990s. I'm used to feeling how a canoe handles but this was the only time that I ever could watch the wave actions from the inside. Good luck,