Three Rivers Chapter December Meeting

Max Peterson

LOVES Wooden Canoes
Twenty or more Three Rivers Chapter members gathered on Saturday, December 16th at the Max Woodworking shop for a canoe canvasing demonstration. Geroge Reid and Fred Capenos were well prepared and gave a wonderfully clear and efficient presentation on canvasing the canoe upside down. Fred had constructed well-thought-out high sawhorses that kept the work at eye level, and George and Fred gave a running account of what they were doing at each step. They then let everyone have a hand in the process, and graciously answered the many questions as they went along. Jim Speed provided snacks on behalf of the chapter, the coffee was plentiful, and we even picked up a couple of new members.

Next meeting: Saturday, February 10, 2007. Mark Zalonis will present a program on knots and rope work for the canoeist.

Max Peterson
Thank You

I attended my first event of this organization and learned a lot about the history, repair and maintenance of wood canoes. Although my canoe fleet does not currently include any that are either all wood or wood/canvas, it was fascinating to watch and learn about the wood/canvas canoe. I doubt if any of my royalex, kevlar, or carbon fiber boats will look as good after 61 years as George's 1945 canoe looked after the re-canvasing. Thanks for the demonstration and thanks for answering a lot of my dumb questions. I'll be sending in my membership soon.