thirteen foot OT 50 pounder re-do

Dave Wermuth

Who hid my paddle?
Here's an update on the little OT. New Inwhales, stems, decks are IN. Each one of the pieces of blue tape represents a broken rib which will get replaced. So why is the Roxinator smilling? This is her first resto and she knows not what lies ahead. Tomorrow I should get the new ribs milled. I get to soak them in the bath tub this year. Last time they were set to soak outside and they froze.
Happy New Year.


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Nice work!

Looked at some of your work on the FOR SALE site....tried sending you an email and it was "rejected"?? Had a question to ask you..Any chance of putting me on your safe list so you can receive mail from me?

Thanks to Rollin for input on bending ribs. Here's a quick update of the progress, although I think it's going painfully slow. If only I didn't have to work for a living. The scrap planks stuck under the ribs help to prevent a flat spot where the Roxinator took off too much old planking. The 'strongback' is about 10 or so WRC planks laying on top. they conform well and gravity does the rest.


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