The woodworking is done, now what?


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I've got 55ft grumman sail rig that I'm slowing fitting to my 17 foot OTCA. The rig has everything except the instuctions :)

I set up the mast and fit the leeboard today and realized that I was totally clueless about what the lines ran where and what to do with all of the grommets and blocks.

If any of you are familiar with this set up, or have a picture, please send it on.

The only picture I've found so far is on the chicagoland canoe base catalogue

Grumman Sail Rig
Not traditional, but here are the results, with many thanks to dwight, steve, and ralph.


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looks great!


How's she sail?

And I'm curious as to what happens when you are on the opposite tack from your outrigger?

Does the outrigger add any counter balance.
The breezes were light, I don't really know what I'm doing, so all I can say right now is she sailed and I'm dry.

The ama is light, so before I head out to the islands, I'll add a trampoline or a little platform, find an xxl wetsuit on craiglist, recruit a monkey man, and maybe take some lessons???...