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Dick Persson

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Sometime when doing canoe history research you can follow a lead and find yourself where you least expect.
Rudge-Whitworth (1911-1946) a British motorcycle manufacturer introduced in 1925 a series of touring accessories never equaled.
Among other things; you could order a sidecar chassis with a detachable cedar-strip canoe to your 350 cc or 500 cc Rudge-Whitworth motorcycle. The canoes were purchased from the well known Oxford boat builder, tour boat operator and livery, Salter Bros. The Salter Bros. were apparently also agents for the Canadian Canoe Company and are still occasionally building their version of a traditional cedar-strip canoe.

(Photo credit: Paul d'Orleans and Vintagent)

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Real handy in heavy rain.
That's also a nice fix for the long portages.
Where was that bugger on the North East Carry?
As i get ready to work on my courting canoe, it struck me that the British might just be on to something - rather than a lazy, prolonged and drawn out courtship on the water this rig would expedite things and cut down on the time to get to the inevitable conclusion. High speed courting canoe; brilliant.:D