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Daniel Day

Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes
It started with just a little corner. Then it took me about 30 min to do this.


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It looks like you may have lucked out on the fiberglass removal. I'm currently working on one that had the resin under the cloth stick fastly to the planking.
It is a genuine pain! Very tedious work with a heat gun is the best that I've been able to do. Can't wait to get that part behind me!
Good Luck!
Thanks Dave,
I to am surprised at how (easy) it is coming off. The wood is really dry and it is splintering on a couple of planks. I plan on sanding (the bad) and using Jerry Stelmok's hull treatment of linseed and Cuprinol, unless someone has anything better, by the first of next week.
Don't put too much oil on, it just makes the canoe heavier.
(I try to limit it to about 1 qt in and out max.)

And be sure the Cuprinal is the old oil based stuff, and not the new water based stuff.

Or rather then the C, I just and a packet of the mildewside sold in home center paint depts.