The Perfect Dance

Dave Wermuth

Who hid my paddle?
Not that I'm any good at computers but I copied the addrees above to a recent article from the local newspaper. The Flint Journal. Shamelessly, it is about my wife and me and canoe building stuff. With a plug for the WCHA.
If you can't copy to your browser or it doesn't work, and you want to check it out, try to google the Flint Journal -- Sports-- Outdoors--The Perfect Dance. It's in Archives, 12/15/05 I think. Maybe 16th, I don't recall what day thursday was.
The link works fine and the article is great. You should send a copy to Patty for the Journal. Happy New Year!

Thanks Benson, I'll ask Elizabeth Shaw for permission to send to Patty. The paper had photos too.
Happy New Year,