The Carleton / Old Town saw mill and Robertson Canoe company employees from Old Town

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I continue to be amazed at the things that show up on eBay. The postcard below shows the Old Town Canoe company saw mill in 1914. This was taken shortly after it was purchased from the Carleton Canoe company in March of 1910. The images at and show some earlier views of this area. The one at shows how this area looks now.

Another recent research project uncovered two young men who had gone from Old Town, Maine to work at J. R. Robertson's canoe factory in Auburndale, Massachusetts. My impression had always been that Robertson had been giving designs, market access, and other resources to Old Town so it was a big surprise to find a flow of talent going in the other direction. The two relevant comments from the local newspaper are attached below from April and June of 1902.



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