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Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes
A while back I had used this forum to find someone to help me canvas my 64 OTCA. Well one of our members Mark was kind enough to contact me and we made plans for him to drive from Reno to the Napa Valley to get this job done.

Mark brought some of his tools needed for the job and I had everything ready to go when he got here. After a quick bit to eat and a cool local beer, we made due on the task at hand. The weather was perfect and the conversation was great and in less than four hours my canoe was canvased, tacked, scorched and ready for filler. Mark having canvased many canoes taught me how to properly upright canvas a canoe and shared a few tips and tricks to make this job come out perfect.

Check out some of the photos below.

Thank you Mark and thank you WCHA forums.

Smooth water and calm winds,







Hey Michael,

I too had a great time! The only downside is I had some great beer that I can't find locally. I'll have to come back for your next canoe.... I really look forward to seeing the canoe painted. (the canoe was originally done in the "Indian" design). We'll have to get together this summer at the lake and swap boats!

Nice job, Michael and Mark. And probably a lot of fun as well, I'm sure. Speaking of travel, my trip is firming up to come see you in May, Mark. Now that I've seen these photos, I'm going to put a couple of canoes into my carry-on luggage... plan to bring them back all nice and canvassed.

But wait, there's a problem! I don't see Mark in any of these photos- not even a glimpse of his hand clutching a tack hammer! ;)

Michael G,

Who do you think was running the camera?? I look forward to finally meeting you in person when you come out!