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The Paul Smith's Alumni campground is about a mile and a half from campus, on Keeses Mills Rd. at the west end of Paul Smith's property (to the right if you are on campus looking at Lower St. Regis Lake).

So, it will require a drive to campus (or alternatively, a paddle!).

At $10 per tent per night, that's a very economical way to attend.
Kate & I will be camping there. We plan to bring our bikes to make the distance easier. I am a Paul Smith's Alumni.

Jim C.
Wait one. I'll ask and let you know. So far, all I heard was it was very basic. I'm not even sure if there is drinking water and latrines.

Jim; Have you camped there?

Another WCHA member who is a PS Alum reserved the campground for the week of Assembly, thus it is available to WCHA friends.
I have not been there in several years so my info may be way off. It was a primitive site. Just a place to pitch you tent and a privy. Even had to bring your own water. I will call the Alumni office on Monday to check. I reserved a spot through the Alumni office a while ago so Rob it may be me that you are thinking of.

The campground, you mean the old gravel pit?

Chris, this is old info, we were there 5-6 years ago and camped at the "camp ground".

It was just a clearing between a couple small ridges that folks set up camp in, no established/numbered sites back then, no tent pads, no drive ways, etc. There were 3-4 porta-potties at the end/start of the clearing.

It was quiet and the neighbors were all friendly. Usually we would gather around somebodys fire and swap stories and have refreshments after the days activities.

Oh, I forgot, we were allowed to use the locker room showers. And there was no water at the camp ground.

I just spoke to the Alumni Office. The campground has seven campsites each with an Adirondack leanto and fire pit. There is also an open field for camping. There is no drinking water there. There is direct access to the lake so we can paddle back and forth to the Assembly - I'd guess a half mile or so. The water route is much shorter than overland by road. I'm supposed to be getting a call back from the person at the school who made the arrangements so I will pass along whatever I find out.

Jim C.
Spoke to the Alumni office again today. The Alumni campground is not like the normal campground where you can drive to your site. You have to park and carry your stuff a short distance. It was set up as a primitive campground to preserve the feel of wilderness camping with easy access. It's not set up for RVs. There is no formal trail from the campground to the college campus. You would need to walk/bike/drive to the campus via the road or use your canoe and go by water. The advantage over the State campground 8 miles down the road is that it is closer and at $10 a night it's a bargain. Reserve your site through the Assembly registration.
Cool, can you keep us posted? 1st come 1st serve? Etc., etc.....

I don't think its first come first serve. You need to register with Annie Burke. If there are sites available of course you can get one at registration. It's going to be good to be back at PSC..have not been back there since the caf was the gym and the campground underwater. I think the campground then was in a different place

Camping otherwise is limited. If you are shut out of PSC camping Junction Campground is the closest. http://charliesinn.tripod.com/ I do not recommend bootleg camping at Mountain Pond and Buck Pond is the nearest DEC campsite.
I don't think there is a limit of 7 campsites either, only 7 leantoos.
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