You could also try

Maurice L. Condon Co., Inc., 250 Ferris Ave., White Plains, NY, 10603
Phone: 914-946-4111, fax: 914-946-3779

They supply marine lumber & plywood etc.

Not exactly local to GA, Sooo...Road Trip!

Good luck,

Try Atlanta Hardwoods in Mableton or North GA Hardwoods in Cleveland. They should have mahogany.

You might also try Hanna's over in St. Mary's:

Further south, there are a couple of good companies in central and southwest FL (though the one in SW FL closes between June and November... how to stay in business?!).

As for good spruce, you might have to order. I've just ordered some 18'+ 6/4 spruce from a company in Washington state. Couldn't find any closer good sources. If you want more details, send an email or private message. If you act quickly, we might be able to tack more spruce onto the same order and save some shipping costs (that could be a big savings).

Thanks for the tip Dan.
I was wondering where to get spruce around here. McCormicks lists having Sitka Spruce - aircraft quality. And, no shipping costs as I can easily get there.
Went to Madison yesterday and shopped at McCormicks. They had all I needed. Got a length of Sitka Spruce for rail stock and a length of Red Cedar. The guy couldn't say where, exactly it was from. It is the nicest piece of cedar I've seen. Straight, vertical grain and not a blemish on the 10 ft length. But, this is my first solo restoration and I never shopped for this stuff before. but, at $12.60 a foot - I'm not complaining but - is this what we should expect to pay for clear, straight stuff?
Thanks for the tip,