Suitable woods?


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What are suitable woods to build a canoe? i have a good source of heart pine, in fact, ive got a shed with 38 20' to 25' true dimension 2x4's. not sure how familiar you guys are with heart pine, and i know you guys are probably some wood junkies haha, but its verry hard, sappy wood. Im not sure how it would do with epoxy or glass though either... I've built a table from it, 96"x48", weighed about 350lbs. ive never built a canoe before, but i love to go canoeing, and i love working with wood. soo...all and any advice, tips, knowledge, etc. would be greatly appreciated!
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I haven't used heart pine in yearts, but I remember it being a pretty dense wood. That'll translate into a heavy canoe... which is what most folks want to avoid.

So while the wood itself will probably work for the boat, and would be quite pretty, you have to decide how heavy you want the boat to be?

The weight factor is why most folks primarily use cedar, maybe some redwood, but other species are used in the hull just for decoration/accent stripes.