Stem for winding rivers

Brad C

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I just removed the stem from my OT Yankee. This must have been a design feature for winding rivers. I don't know the history behind this but it looks like it was hit hard on one side breaking the stem and ribs on one side and staying like this for a long time. I see steam bending in my future. I'm sure the cat will help.
Brad C


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Cats and dogs are a great help when it comes to canoe restoration. Cats seem to prefer that the canoe stays indoors, as a kitty-hangout; dogs seem to prefer canoes on water. But both species will provide support and encouragement during the actual restoration-- and will usually show up when the camera comes out!
Hey brad, that is one of those rare "Salvador Dali Designed" OT canoes. The inspiration came from one of his most beloved paintings "The Persistance of Memory"

You have a real treasure there. It'll be nice to see it back on the water.


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