Staining new ribs to match

Jon k

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Hello all, I have not posted for awhile. I am into currently replacing the cant ribs in my 1938 HW. I bought new white cedar rib stock from island falls canoe.The old stripped ribs have a golden color to them. I know if i put the new ribs in they will stick out like a sore thumb even varnished. Does anybody have a color stain from minwax or some other trick to blend in the new ribs to make it all the same? thanks Jon K:cool:
Thanks Denis i didn't think of shellac i have scrap i can try that on. Jon K.
Sherwin/Williams can match exact if you take the samples to them. I suppose Home Depot or any paint store could do the same?

Golden oak by minwax is a good starting color. Golden pecan looks a little more orange if that is what you need. If not dark enough try mixing with provincial. That will get you many shades in between.

I take it "provincial" is another Minwax product? I too have been hesitant about replacing ribs for the same reason. MackyM
Provincial is in the Minwax lineup. You may also want to consider using their pre stain wood conditioner. It allows the stain to penetrate more evenly by slowing down it's absorption. I'm guessing that cedar is similar to pine in that it tends to look a little blotchy when you stain it. The wood conditioner really helps.
Thanks to everybody who replied. I knew you guys would have the answers, that's what makes this such a great site. Jon K.
I have found that I can get better control by first applying a coat of orange shellac as Denis suggest. Sometmes that will do the trick. If not I have found that Zar stains are thick enough to act almost like a gel stain. Zar golden oak is good starting place. It can be applied as a glaze over the shellac or even over varnish. I favor the use of Transtint
dyes to adjust the color. Since it is applied with a brush over the shellac or varnish it can easily be wiped off if the match is not satisfactory. When satisfied with the match simply varnish over the stain. Transtint dyes are available from Woodcraft or Homestead Finishing in Cleveland. They will mix with just about any medium from water to various stains and thinners.
I use Transtint Dye mixed in alcohol. You can layer it and sneak up on the right color, and as we all know, it changes as soon as you put varnish over it. So, the dye dries pretty fast and you can varnish your test pc within an hour, or earlier. You can buy them through Woodcraft catelog and it only takes a few drops of each.
Orange Shellac is good, but be sure it is de-waxed. Otherwise the varnish might not stick. Zinsser Orange shellac is waxy, but their Seal Coat is not. Tint the Seal Coat with Transtint as mentioned above.