spliced stem


Curious about Wooden Canoes
Hey fellas, my question concerns a stem that I have temporarily affixed to my current project. I spliced in a stem replacement and it is about 1 to 2 inches out of plumb when sited down the length of the canoe to the stern stem. So my question is: do I rely on the inwales/deck to bring it back into plumb or do I bevel the splice to get it plumb then do my final screw and glue up with it plumb to the stern stem. Any and all advice welcome as always!
Before I did anything, I would make sure that the spliced stem is the one out of alignment.

Then I would use whatever method to straighten things out that the real restorers on this forum recommend.
If the scarphed on splice is straight with the rest of the stem, use it as is. If you can easily move the stem over to its correct plumb spot with finger pressure, use it as is.

If the new piece is crooked to the original piece, don't use it; fix it.