spill checker

When one is available that does not cost extra $$ and works across platforms, I'll be happy to install it.

The only ones that have been available to date require an additional software license and often only support one system and browser.

up here in de North maine Woods we use dem spill checkers to keep us afloat when we spill outa de canoe me i gotta a pair of dem from L L Freeport
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I usually just copy the text from the forum message entry page into a local spell checking window on my PC for verification and then paste it back here if I am not sure of something. The http://dictionary.reference.com/ site can also be helpful.

cheeze i always thoght thet it was mandatorry when e-mailinga nd using forums to avoid the use of punktuashun capitol letters and spell chuk
As fer as I'm kuncerned, spilling don't count. I make no gugements on how a feller or gal spels. I don't mine wading thru a few misspilled werds. Afterall it's the kon-tent that counts.
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Come on little boys, lets all go to Toy-R-Us and maybe we can find another way to show how cute we are... Lets leave this site to the Canoers...